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                            Platform type xy axis automatic welding machine

                            Platform type xy axis automatic welding machine
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                            Introduction of xy-axis automatic welding machine
                            XY axis automatic welding machine is a non-standard automatic welding equipment, mainly used for chicken cage mesh welding, protective mesh welding, barbecue mesh welding and other metal mesh, so it is also called mesh welding machine, breeding cage welding machine .

                            The intermediate frequency xy automatic welding machine produced by Zhongbang Welding Machine is used for welding wire mesh, mesh, storage cage, shelf, shopping cart, etc., also called automatic welding mesh machine, advantages: cost saving, time saving, high quality, Fully automated welding. The purchase cost is low. Comprehensive calculations show that it is the most suitable welding equipment for the metal mesh industry.

                            Features: 1. Fully automatic feeding, positioning and welding;

                                        2. It can be designed according to the size of the mesh, the length of the xy axis, the size of the product table, etc., with precise control by CNC programming;

                                        3. The welding quality is high, the xy-axis automatic welding machine is equipped with an intermediate frequency inverter system, and the welding is basically free of sparks and splashes;

                            The xy automatic row welding machine is called the necessary welding equipment in the mesh industry, so it is also called the mesh welding machine.

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