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                            Energy storage welding machine

                            Energy storage welding machine
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                            Capacitive energy storage welding machine:

                            The latest model of capacitive spot welder that does not require charging current-limiting resistors

                            1. It has a wide range of uses, especially suitable for welding of metal plates, wires and wires with good electrical and thermal conductivity such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, alloy, tungsten, and welding of dissimilar metals.

                            2. Only use the soft-start mode all-digital integrated circuit to control the constant current charging faster and more stable.

                            3. No need to charge the current-limiting resistor to avoid the heating of the current-limiting resistor and lead to energy waste, which saves 40% of electricity compared with ordinary capacitive spot welders.

                            4. Imported brand-name emergency charging and discharging capacitors are used, with stable capacity and long life.

                            5. Digital charging voltage display, setting charging voltage is more accurate and intuitive.


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